anyway, its about old friends

i have a habit of watching when harry met sally when new years comes around. there is just something about nora ephron and new york in wintertime that does it for me. that, and the fact that for a long while ive been thinking a lot about friends. 

new and old. 

during my months here in italy i have had time to contemplate on both, uprooted and severed as i’ve been from all of my old relationships, submerged in solely new ones. it’s a strange thing, i think, to learn how to nurture old friendships over the phone and cultivate new ones by a continuous physical presence. it asks a lot from somebody, to be completely cut off and exposed at the same time.

in these six months i’ve come to learn a lot about the two modes of being. how it is to stay committed to scheduled face-times and how to show up at parties where you only know the name of the person that’s invited you. its two separate artforms, two different rules of comportment.

let me share some pointers from my own handbooks.

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